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Meeting Agenda

This Committee provides a communication link between the community, City Council and the staff of the Department of Library and Recreation Services as the City strives toward a better quality of life for its citizens. The Committee is advisory in all matters pertaining to parks, recreation, playgrounds and entertainment. Input is provided in the form of a recommendation to the City Council or staff and is considered in evaluating effectiveness of programs and policies. Attached are the Proposal Guidelines for submission to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee.

2015 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

2nd Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m.
Centennial Park Live Oak Room
600 Nickerson Drive, Paso Robles

Members and Terms:

  Date of Appointment Term Expires
Dale Breckow 5/5/16 6/30/18
Stacia Finley, Vice-Chair 5/7/15 6/30/17
Robert Orlando 5/7/15 6/30/17
Justin Perino, Chairman 5/17/12 6/30/18
Pamela Reynolds 5/7/15 6/30/17

Term of Office:
2-year staggered term, 5 regular members with no alternates

Library and Recreation Staff Members:
Julie Dahlen, Director of Library & Recreation Services (237-3993)
Lynda Holt, Recreation Services Manager (237-3987)
Sharon Williams, Administrative Assistant (237-4737)

Public Works Staff:
Dick McKinley, Director of Public Works
Freda Berman, Maintenance Services Superintendent

Council Liaisons:
Steve Gregory (227-7217)

John Hamon (227-7215)

Planning Commission Representative:
Sheree Davis


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