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Grading permits are required for all grading except those activities exempted in municipal code section 20.04.040. [pdf]. All applications and plans go through Engineering Plan check, as described in the document Time Frame, to determine if a grading permit is required or not. Fees are charged for checking plans, issuing permits and inspections. The fees are calculated based upon the amount of time the plan check takes, the amount of soil to be moved whether it is cut (taking dirt out) or fill (bringing dirt in). To view detailed information about the requirements and fees, you may view the Grading Permit Information [pdf] document.

If you download and fill out an Grading/Site Plan Permit Application form, you will need to bring it in to the Building Division at City Hall at 1000 Spring Street, 2nd Floor. Make sure you attach three (3) sets of folded plans. The plans and application must contain all information as described in section 20.12.010 [pdf] of the municipal code.

Post-Construction Stormwater Management Requirements (PCRs)

On July 13, 2013, the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted the Post-Construction Stormwater Management Requirements (Resolution R3-20132-0032025). These requirements are now income into effect.

Click here for more information on the
Paso Robles Post-Construction Stormwater Program.

Source Control Measures

Projects with the following pollutant-generating activities and sources are required to implement permanent and operation source control measures.

Source control measures shall be selected and designed consistent with CASQA’s Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbook for new Development and Redevelopment, or an equivalent manual:

  • Accidental spills or leaks;
  • Interior floor drains;
  • Parking/storage areas and maintenance:
  • Indoor and structural pest control;
  • Landscape/outdoor pesticide use;
  • Pools, spas, ponds, decorative fountains, and other water features;
  • Restaurants, grocery stores, and other food service operations;
  • Refuse areas;
  • Industrial processes;
  • Outdoor storage of equipment or materials;
  • Vehicle and equipment cleaning;
  • Vehicle and equipment repair and maintenance;
  • Fuel dispensing area;
  • Loading docks;
  • Fire sprinkler test water;
  • Drain or wash water from boiler drain lines, condensate drain lines, rooftop equipment, drainage sumps, and other sources;
  • Unauthorized non-stormwater discharges;
  • Building and grounds maintenance;
  • Any other activity designated by the Director of Public Works.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Requirements

A site specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) shall be submitted with all grading and building plans regardless of size. The plan must meet the requirements in Section III(3)(C) of the Public Works, Standard Details and Specifications and be approved by the City prior to grading permit approval.

Sites less than 1 acre may use the Erosion and Sediment Control Form.

The ESCP must include:

  • A narrative and site plan per Section III(3)(C) of the Site-Specific Construction Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • The rationale used for selecting BMPs including supporting soil loss calculations, if necessary.
  • Submit evidence that all applicable permits associated with the grading activity have been obtained prior to any soil disturbance activities. Permits include but not limited to the State Construction General Permit, 401 Water Quality certification, U.S. Army Corps 404 permit, and Fish and Game permits.
  • Wind Erosion Control if necessary.
  • Non-stormwater Controls.
  • Resource for BMPs:
    • The CASQA Construction BMP Handbook can be downloaded here for a subscription fee.

Inspection Requirements

  • During the rainy season the City must inspect the project site prior to any land disturbance to ensure all sediment controls are in place.
  • At the conclusion of the project, the City must inspect the project site to ensure all disturbed areas have been stabilized and that all temporary erosion and sediment control measures that are no longer needed have been removed.

Stockpile Grading Permit

No temporary stockpile of earth will be allowed except pursuant to a grading permit issued after the city engineer has found that such storage fill would not constitute a hazard to life or property, or become a public nuisance or health menace.

Temporary stockpiles approved by the issuance of a grading permit shall be removed from the site within a period of time not to exceed six months from the date of issuance of the permit, unless otherwise approved by the city engineer or unless the fill is graded and compacted under the authority granted by a subsequent or amended grading permit. A bond may be required to insure the removal or elimination of such fill upon the expiration of time set forth in the permit.

Such stockpiles shall be placed so as to not interfere with any drainage ways or access routes.

The stockpile location shall not create a nuisance from blowing dust, and shall be contour-graded if in a highly visible area.

For more information on either of the above permits, please contact the Community Development Department, Engineering Division at 237-3860.


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