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The purpose of these Standards and Specifications is to provide minimum standards for the design, materials and methods of construction for streets, storm drains, sanitary sewers, and domestic water supply facilities within the City of Paso Robles; where any portion of such improvement is to be offered to the City for operation and maintenance.

Any items which are not included in these Standards or Specifications shall be constructed in accordance with the latest edition of Caltrans Standard Specifications, the American Public Works Association Green Book or as approved by the City Engineer.

Printed copies of the entire City of Paso Robles Standards & Specifications book are available for purchase at City Hall. Individual hard copies of specific pages are also available at City Hall ($25 per copy).

Section I: General Requirements [pdf:13kb/1pp]

I-1. Purpose
I-2. Definitions
I-3. Contractor License and Supervision

Section II: Preparation of Plans [pdf:27kb/4pp]

II-1. General
II-2. Design Alternatives
II-3. Title Sheet and Plan Preparation
II-4. Grading Plans
II-5. Composite Utility Plans
II-6. Street Improvement Plans
II-7. Underground Sewer, Water and Storm Drain Plans
II-8. Erosion Control plans
II-9. Record Drawings
II-10. Landscape Plans

Section III: Construction Observation And Stormwater Quality Management [pdf:33kb/6pp]

III-1. General
III-2. Acceptance of Improvements
III-3. Stormwater Quality Best Management Practices

Section IV: Streets [pdf:19kb/4pp]

IV-1. Design Guidelines
IV-2. Materials
IV-3. Construction Guidelines
IV-4. Streets Exempt From Improvements

Section V: Storm Drains, Stormwater Quality and Watershed Protection [pdf:78kb/12pp]

V-1. General
V-2. Materials
V-3. Construction Guidelines

Section VI: Sanitary Sewers [pdf:36kb/8pp]

VI-1. Design Guidelines
VI-2. Materials
VI-3. Construction Guidelines
VI-4. Testing

Section VII: Water [pdf:38kb/8pp]

VII-1. Design Guidelines
VII-2. Materials
VII-3. Construction Guidelines
VII-4. Testing

Section VIII: Standard Drawing Index

A. Typical Street Sections

See List

1. 4-Lane Arterial
2. 2-Lane Divided Arterial
3. 2-Lane Un-divided Arterial
4. Local
5. Local Street with Class II Bike Lanes
6. Rural Local
7. Alleys
8. Paver Block Alleys

B. Street Design Criteria

See List

1. Vertical Curve Design, Sag
2. Vertical Curve Design, Crest
3. Hillside Intersection Profile Criteria

C. Street Improvement Details

See List

1. Curb and Gutter
2. "A" Curb
3. Sidewalks
4. Sidewalks with Tree Wells
5. Alley Approach
6. Cross-Gutter
7. Pavement Replacement
8. ADA Curb Ramps
9. Bus Turnouts
10. Recreation Paths
11. Survey Monuments
12. Street Name Sign and Stop Sign
13. Wood Beam Barricade
14. Address on Curbs

D. Stormwater Control

See List

1. Drainage Inlet
2. Storm Drain Manhole

F. Sanitary Sewers

See List

1. Sewer Manhole
2. Drop Manhole
3. Manhole Cover
4. Clean-out
5. Service Lateral
6. Special Construction in Proximity to Water Mains

G. Water

See List

1. Fire Hydrant
2. 2-inch Water Service
3. 2-inch Manifold Service
4.4-inch Manifold Service
5. Gate Valves
6. Thrust Blocks
7. Air and Vacuum Release Valve
8. Blow-off Assembly
9. Water Sampling Station
10. Meter, Service and Hydrant Locations
11. RP Device Installation
12. Special Construction in Proximity to Sanitary Sewers

L. Landscaping

See List

1. Automatic Controller
2. Electrical Meter (Pedestal)
3. Street Tree Planting

M. Subdivision Grading

See List

1. Plot Plan
2. Graded Slopes
3. Driveway Grades Uphill
4. Driveway Grades Downhill
5. Fire Turn Around
6. Fire Truck Turning Radii

U. Public Utilities

See List

1. Underground Utility Locations
2. Trench Details
3. Temporary Trench Repair
4. Street Light Spacing Criteria




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