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Community Development
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Community Development


The Community Development Department consists of the Planning, Engineering and Building Divisions, involving the Department in all aspects of development. From the grading of the lot to the construction of the building (pad, structure, electrical, plumbing), and installation of final improvements such as landscaping and signage. Department Overview

What's New?

Wilcox Ranch Equestrian Facility

Environmental Initial Study [pdf:703kb/31pp]
Description: Request for the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to establish an equestrian facility and horse keeping. The applicant would board up to forty (40) horses on site, some of which are used for the trainers’ personal use and most of which are used for training youth on western horseback riding (the main reason for the CUP). Equestrian activities will be conducted outdoors in an arena area located at the southeastern portion of the property. No other events are requested as part of the CUP.

Residence Inn by Marriott

Environmental Initial Study [pdf:8.5mb/248pp]
Description: This is a proposal to establish a 4-story, extended-stay hotel with 128 guest rooms. The hotel will include ancillary guest services including:

  • breakfast lounge for hotel guests
  • meeting rooms
  • fitness center
  • business center
  • wine tasting bar
  • outdoor pool, BBQ and patio terraces

The total existing lot area is 12.6 acres. The proposal includes a tentative parcel map to subdivide the property into a 3.17 acre parcel and a "remainder" lot of 9.44 acres. The hotel is proposed on the 3.17 acre parcel. The hotel site has an existing single-family home which would be removed upon approval of the hotel. See Attachment 2, Site Plan.

Sign Code Amendment
(Code Amendment 13-001)

Environmental Initial Study [pdf:495kb/22pp]
Description: Vicinity of Highway 46 East and Golden Hill Road: Code Amendment is a request to amend Section 21.19 of the Zoning Code, Sign Ordinance, to expand the geographic boundary in which a highway oriented sign could be constructed with the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Mullahey Chrysler
(Planned Development PD 13-006 & Conditional Use Permit 13-008)

Environmental Initial Study
Description: Northeast corner of Golden Hill Road and Tractor Street: Request to construct a 29,907 square foot new car dealership with automotive repair. The dealership is proposed to be built on a vacant 3.6 acre site located on the northeast corner of Golden Hill Road and Tractor Street. (PD 13-006)

Also included with the project is a request for pre-grading (grading on a site for future development) which includes spreading out approximately 5,000 cubic yards of dirt on to parcels 025-421-071 & 074 that would be taken from the 3.6 acre site for the construction of the dealership. (CUP 13-008)

Oxford Suites Project

Environmental Initial Study
Description: Request to construct a 127 room, five story hotel with accompanying support facilities on vacant 2.5 acre parcel, located on the south side of 4th Street, between Spring Street and Pine Street.

Paso Robles Gateway Project

The City of Paso Robles is currently processing applications for the Gateway Project. This project includes applications for an Annexation, Sphere of Influence Update, General Plan Amendment, Prezone, Development Plan and Subdivision Map to develop land located at the northwest quadrant of the Highway 101 and State Route 46 West.

The project, proposed by Quorum Realty, would include 3 resort hotels, approximately 63,000 square feet of commercial retail space, up to 35 single family homes, vineyards and dedicated open space. The project also includes consideration of realigning South Vine Street so that that it would align with opposite of Theatre Drive (across SR 46 West). See the Gateway Project Site Plan.

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being prepared to evaluate potential impacts that result from the proposed project. Potential environmental impacts identified to be studies in the EIR include:

  • water demand, supply & quality traffic (traffic generation & impacts to surrounding areas)
  • public services (police & fire response, other services)
  • utilities and service systems (water & wastewater treatment & delivery)
  • air pollution & greenhouse gas emissions
  •  biological resources (oak trees and other resources)
  • noise
  • land use planning and compatibility
  • aesthetics (hillside development)

Download the Gateway Project Initial Study.

A public scoping meeting has been scheduled to be held at the Paso Robles Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in the Paso Robles Library Conference Room/City Council Chambers, 1000 Spring Street. The public is invited to attend the public scoping meeting to learn more about the project and to provide input on potential environmental impacts to be analyzed in the EIR.

Please direct any questions regarding the scheduled meeting or related matters to Susan DeCarli, Planning Manager or Ed Gallagher, Community Development Director. They can be reached at (805) 237-3970 or by email: Susan DeCarli ( or Ed Gallagher (

Beechwood Specific Plan

Beechweed Specific PlanA draft of a conceptual site plan (below) was considered by the Planning Commission on October 8, 2013 and by the City Council on October 29th.

The project includes a proposal for 1,011 residences and a small amount of commercial development on 236 acres. The project will also include open space areas, parks and multi-purpose trails.

Read more.


Draft Circulation Element

This project is an update to the city-wide Circulation Element. The Circulation Element is one of the mandated elements of the General Plan. The Circulation Element identifies the city-wide transportation network. It is designed to support the City’s existing and future land use pattern, and contains policies specific to transportation and mobility to implement the circulation plan.

Final Environmental Impact Report
Circulation Element Update
The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) is available for public review. The FEIR incorporates all comments with responses to comments included, and provides, to the greatest extent possible, an analysis of the potential environmental effects associated with the implementation of the project (final Circulation Element update), pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act and the State CEQA Guidelines.

PDF Document Final Environmental Impact Report - Vol. I [pdf:12mb/391pp]

PDF Document Final Environmental Impact Report - Vol. II [pdf:5mb/326pp]

Historic Preservation Program

To help preserve the historic treasures that shape the community’s character, and to continue Paso Robles’ legacy, the City Council has established a goal to update the current City-wide Historic Inventory and establish a Historic Preservation Ordinance. Read more...

U.S. Highway 101/State Route 46 East Improvement Project

Caltrans proposes to provide operational and access improvements at the 13th Street Bridge over U.S. Highway 101, the U.S. Highway 101 ramp at 16th Street, and the westbound direction of State Route 46 East at and near the U.S. Highway 101/State Route 46 East interchange. The project would also construct an auxiliary lane along U.S. Highway 101 southbound between the on-ramp at State Route 46 East and off-ramp at 17th Street/Riverside Avenue, as well as a ramp meter at the southbound U.S. Highway 101 on-ramp at Spring Street. Read more...

Bike Master Plan

The City of Paso Robles has become aware of the growing interest in bicycle riding through local planning efforts such as new specific plans, trail planning, and regional bike programs. Excitement for cycling and recreational bike riding was also heightened when the City of Paso Robles hosted the Amgen Tour of California in 2009. New South Vine Street Bike Lanes

The Paso Robles Bicycle Master Plan is a comprehensive plan to address the needs of both recreational and commuter cyclists. The plan provides direction for City bike planning and improvements over the next 10 years. The plan includes goals that establish what the City would like to achieve, policies to provide the guidance on how to achieve the goals, and actions to direct the City’s efforts.

PDF DocumentDownload the Bike Master Plan [pdf:2.5mb/57pp]

Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan

On Wednesday, May 26, 2010, the City Council and Planning Commission conducted a public workshop meeting to discuss the recommendations of the three ad hoc committees and staff on the Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan. Click here for additional information.

Purple Belt Action Plan

The City of El Paso de Robles (Paso Robles) completed a General Plan update in 2003. One of the key goals included in the General Plan is the establishment of a “Purple Belt Program.” The main ideas behind the Purple Belt are to:

  • provide tools and support to assist property owners that want to continue their agricultural operations;
  • support the regions’ agricultural economy;
  • and maintain the rural, agrarian landscape around the City.


City Gateway and Design Standards

To preserve and strengthen the unique image, identity, and character of Paso Robles, the General Plan directs that design standards and guidelines be developed for key “Gateways” to the City. Through an initial process of urban design analysis and dialogue with the Gateway Ad Hoc Committee, two general types of Gateways have been identified in Paso Robles: the Central Gateway and the Town & Country Gateway. This document identifies the location, purpose and general design characteristics of each of the identified Gateways, highlights specific site conditions and, where applicable, recommends specific policies, design interventions and recommended implementation actions.

PDF Document Download the City Gateway and Design Standards [pdf:2mb/36pp] Updated 9-2-08

U.S. HWY 101/46 West Interchange Modification Project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), as delegated by the Federal Highway Administration, has determined that Build Alternative 2 will have no significant impact on the human environment. This Finding of No Significant Impact is based on the attached Environmental Assessment, which has been independently evaluated by Caltrans and determined to adequately and accurately discuss the need, environmental issues, and impacts of the proposed project and appropriate mitigation measures. It provides sufficient evidence and analysis for determining that an Environmental Impact Statement is not required. Caltrans takes full responsibility for the accuracy, scope, and content of the attached Environmental Assessment and incorporated technical reports (and other documents as appropriate).

The environmental review, consultation, and any other action required in accordance with applicable federal laws for this project is being, or has been, carried out by Caltrans under its assumption of responsibility pursuant to 23 U.S. Code 327. Read more...

Hwy 46 East for the Future

"Population growth, both locally and statewide, has led to increased travel demand and congestion on Route 46 East. The primary purpose of the 46 East for the Future process is to generate public interest to assist partner agencies in the development of a 20-year improvement strategy for the section of Route 46 East from US 101 to Jardine Road.

PDF DocumentComprehensive Corridor Study [pdf: 4.7mb/106pp]

PDF DocumentParallel Routes Study [pdf:1.2mb/40pp]

Parking Management Plan

The City Paso Robles has commissioned Parking Design Group, LLP, to develop a Parking Management Plan for their downtown in order to ensure an adequate parking supply for the community, businesses, and patrons. By implementing the strategies recommended by Parking Design Group, LLP, the downtown will be equipped with the best possible comprehensive Parking Management Plan.

PDF DocumentDownload the Parking Management Plan

More Projects

RoundaboutsTraffic Calming Program
The Traffic Calming Program, adopted by the City Council in January 2005, was developed to provide the means to address existing traffic calming problems and to use in new development. The purposes of "traffic calming" are aimed at reducing traffic congestion and to keep traffic moving. Learn more...

Salinas RiverSalinas River Corridor Vision
The Salinas River, embraced by the citizens of Paso Robles, is a thriving corridor that enhances important habitat and open spaces, provides recreational and economic opportunities, ties to our heritage, and connects to our future. Follow The River, Follow The Dream. Learn more about the Salinas River Corridor.

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