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Emergency Services


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Fire Sprinklers

Business Emergency Plan

Business Inspections

Knox Box

Fire Department Development Guidelines

All projects, proposals and plans are required to be initiated with the City of Paso Robles Community Development Department, who will in turn forward such proposals to the Department of Emergency Services for their review. Each proposal will be provided with specific conditions, as required by code, and routed back to the Building Division for distribution.

The following are the most common code references used by the Department of Emergency Services:

  • California Fire Code (2013 Edition) - State Minimum Requirements
  • Paso Robles Municipal Code (Section Fire Prevention) - Local Requirements
  • California Code of Regulations Title 19, Title 24 / Public Safety
  • National Fire Codes (NFPA Vol.1-16) - (References)

Fire Sprinklers

The typical accidental fire begins as a slow growth, smoldering process, which may last from a few minutes to several hours. This smoldering duration is dependent on fuel type, arrangement, and available oxygen. During this period, heat generation will increase and produce light to moderate smoke. The smell of smoke is usually the first indication that an incipient fire is underway. It is during this stage that early detection (either human or automatic) followed by a timely emergency response can enhance the probability of successful fire control before significant loss.

Fire sprinklers are most effective during the fire's initial flame growth stage. A properly selected sprinkler will detect the fire's heat, initiate an alarm and begin suppression within moments after flames appear. In most instances, activation sprinklers will control fire advancement. This will result in significantly less damage than what would happen without sprinklers.

The Paso Robles Municipal Code, 17.04.030 (C) requires the installation of automatic sprinkler system for many commercial structures. For more information on requirements for fire sprinklers, please read the information provided in the Fire Permits section of this department.

Schedule an Inspection
Sprinklers are required in many commercial buildings. Please call the Fire Inspector at (805) 227-7560 for information regarding your particular application. If you have already submitted plans and need to schedule an inspection, please call the Fire Protection Engineer at (805) 227-7221 or email


Business Inspections

To help protect you, your investment, and your customers from the potential effects of fire, Emergency Services is instituting an Engine Company Inspection Program. This program replaces our existing Self-Inspection Program.

Firefighters from our organization will visit your business at least once per year to ensure compliance with fire and life safety codes. These inspections will provide you an opportunity to meet your community firefighters while maintaining your business in a safe condition. The program provides firefighters an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your building and business processes making them more effective should they be called to extinguish a fire in your occupancy. Firefighters will also collect data on your business providing our organization an opportunity to better serve your needs.

Firefighters will focus on the following items during their inspections:

  1. Building access
  2. Building egress (exiting)
  3. Fire protection system installations and maintenance
  4. General housekeeping
  5. Storage
  6. Fire separations
  7. Fire extinguishers
  8. Fire hazard control permits

Knox Box

Business owners have saved millions of dollars by using the Knox Rapid Entry System. By allowing firefighters immediate access to locked buildings, storage rooms, elevators, gates and other secured areas without causing property damage from forced entry procedures. The fire department is the only agency that is authorized to access the Knox-Box®. It contains keys, electronic access cards, Haz-mat data and other vital information that firefighters will need when responding to an alarm.

The fire department needs to be contacted to specify the location of the box.

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