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Police/Fire Dispatch:
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Emergency Services


If your question is not found or answered fully in this FAQ, please email Emergency Services, and a representative will make every effort to contact you within two business days.

Fire Codes

The City Council has adopted the 2016 California Fire Code. The Department of Emergency Services enforces this Code. The Code primarily affects commercial occupancies and processes, but has some application to individuals.

The Code is intended to reduce the likelihood of building loss/damage or personal injury caused by fire or other hazardous conditions. The Code does this by establishing minimums for construction methods and materials, fire safe practices, and the handling of hazardous substances.

The Department routinely consults with builders, developers, and architects on Code requirements. Call 227-7560 if you have any questions about the Code or its applicability to your situation.

Can I burn debris, trash, and tree or brush trimmings?
The City of Paso Robles has not allowed the burning of trash, debris or vegetation within city limits for more than 10 years. However, if you are outside Paso Robles city limits, in the surrounding communities of Creston, Whitley Gardens, Jardine, Geneseo, Shandon, San Miguel or Templeton, please refer to the information below.

Backyard Burning Provisions, Limitations and Prohibitions: Backyard/Dooryard burning is allowed during the Non-Emergency Response Period (normally from November 15-April 30), unless a hazardous fire condition exists. The Air Pollution Control District (APCD) regulates backyard burning.

Please call 800-834-2876 for requirements for backyard burning and permissive burn-day status. Burning will be immediately discontinued if the APCD determines the smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding properties, or if the burning constitutes a hazardous condition. Complaints of individuals violating this regulation can be filed with the APCD at 781-5912.

Why are fire sprinklers required?
The Paso Robles Municipal Code, 17.04.030 (C) requires the installation of automatic sprinkler system for many commercial structures. For more information on Fire Sprinklers, visit the Business/Developers Corner.

Who do I call about fire sprinkler system requirements and inspections?
Sprinklers are required in many commercial buildings. Please call the Fire Inspector at (805) 227-7560 to establish needs for your particular application. If you have already submitted plans and need to schedule an inspection, please contact the Fire Protection Engineer by phone at (805) 227-7221 or email

What is a Knox Box?
The Knox Box is a metal box secured to the outside of a building that allows firefighters immediate access to locked buildings, storage rooms, elevators, gates and other secured areas without causing property damage from forced entry procedures. The fire department is the ONLY agency that is authorized to access the Knox-Box®. It contains keys, electronic access cards, Haz-Mat data and other vital information that firefighters will need when responding to an alarm.

How do I order a Knox Box?
Visit our Knox Box page for information.

Nuisance Abatement

Can I access the Paso Robles Municipal Code online?
Yes. You may review the Municipal Code Online Library (Municode). It is easy to search the site by using keywords, such as "abandoned vehicles."

My neighbor has trash, debris and inoperative vehicles in his yard and it is really an eyesore. Can the City help?
The City of Paso Robles has an active Code Enforcement and Nuisance Abatement program. To meet the goal of keeping our city safe and protecting property values, the Emergency Services and Police departments work together to address the concerns of our citizens.

Please call the Emergency Services Dept. at (805) 227-7560 for the following item:

Please call the Police Department Code Enforcement Office at 227-7540 for the following nuisance abatement items:

  • Abandoned, inoperative or unregistered vehicles on public property
  • Inoperative vehicles/car parts on private property.
  • Roaming animals
  • Noise
  • Trash and debris in yards/alleyways
  • Furniture/appliances in yards/alleyways
  • Using RV/trailer as a residence
  • Visual blight/dilapidated buildings
  • Unsecured abandoned buildings

Public Education, Tours, and Visit Requests

How do I get a fire engine to visit my school or event?
The Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services provides a variety of public education events to the local schools and general public. In most cases, it is desirable for us to receive your request 30 days prior to the event date. For additional information, please send an email to

Can I ride along with the engine company?
Yes, you can participate in the Paso Robles Emergency Services First-in Response Experience (F.I.R.E.) Program. The program will include riding in a fire department vehicle to routine and/or emergency calls.

You must be 16 or older to participate and complete a Ride-Along Request Form. Persons between 16 and 18 years of age must have this form signed by a parent or guardian prior to any participation. Once filled out and signed, the form should either be faxed to 237-4138 or mailed to:

City of Paso Robles
Emergency Services Dept.
900 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446-2541

How do I schedule a tour of the fire station?
Please send an email to and a department representative will contact you about your request.

Incident Reports

How do I get a copy of an incident or a fire report?
To request a fire report, please download and complete the form Incident Report Request Form [pdf:366k/1pp] make a check payable to the City of Paso Robles for $15.00 and mail to:

City of Paso Robles
Emergency Services Dept.
900 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446-2541

Please include the date and time of incident, location of incident, and the name of the involved party. In most cases, we will mail out a copy of the report to you within three business days of receiving your request and payment.

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