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PD Collage - Community Programs

Working Together for a Safer Community

Police and Community Together (PACT)

Citizen's Ride-Along/Sit-Along

Community Oriented Policing (COP)

Crime Prevention Education

K-9 Teams

Neighborhood Watch


Traffic Division

Volunteer Program

Youth Programs

Police and Community Together

PACT Map - Click to view more area information.The Paso Robles Police Department has created the Police and Community Together (PACT) Program to promote community, government and police partnerships, implement proactive problem solving, and enhance the Department's engagement with our community. The goal for PACT is to maximize our working relationship with the community that will, in turn, result in improved police service.

As part of the PACT Program, the Police Department has divided the City into four areas. A patrol sergeant has been assigned to each of these four areas. The sergeant will be a point of contact and act as a liaison between the community and the Police Department.

The sergeants will manage the program and determine appropriate proactive responses, such as:

  • Crime prevention and public education efforts
  • Coordination with other City departments
  • Identifying trends and implementing long-term problem solving responses
  • Collaboration with community members to address quality of life issues in their neighborhood

If you need to report a crime, call the Paso Robles Police Department Communications Center at 237-6464 or dial 9-1-1 if you are reporting an emergency.

For detailed information about PACT and the area sergeants, view this map.

Citizen's Ride-Along Program/
Sit-Along Program

Would you like to see what Paso Robles police officers do, up-close and be there as they work? You can sit in the front seat of a patrol car and see the activity as it happens. Any seemingly minor call can bring the unexpected. Our location and traffic activity can make our city a dynamic and active place.

Our Ride Along program allows all citizens a chance to ride with an experienced on-duty officer on their regular patrol shift. You never know what will happen—from "routine" patrol work to emergency responses or a major case investigation. 

Opportunities also exist with the Communications Division.  If you would like to sit alongside of a working Dispatcher and watch them multi-task with radios, telephones and cameras, then this Sit-Along Program is your ticket.

If you are interested in participating in the Ride-Along or Sit-Along Program, download the Ride Along Procedures and Request Form. A Department Waiver and Release Form is also required. Return both to the Police Department at 900 Park Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446. For more information call the Police Department at 805-237-6464.

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Community Oriented Policing (COP)

Within the last few years, forward thinkers have caught the wave of an emerging law enforcement philosophy that recognizes the importance of creating a close partnership between citizens and their police to solve community problems that adversely affect the quality of life. While this philosophy has received a variety of titles, it is most commonly referred to and best described as Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P).

It has been recognized that traditional law enforcement responses to crime and disorder, by themselves, are ineffective. C.O.P. was conceived as the result of a realization that many causal factors that contribute to criminal behavior include social and environmental issues that may not fit into traditionally accepted law enforcement methods. These broader problems are best identified and addressed through this community and police partnership.

It is important that C.O.P. be recognized, accepted and promoted not as a program, but a philosophy. Community Oriented Policing does not simply require a change in the way we think and interact with the public. It is not merely a community relations program. There are definite factors that separate the Community Oriented Policing philosophy from other police programs.

In order to achieve a true C.O.P. partnership with citizens, police must integrate with the community. Officers are assigned to permanent beat areas where they enjoy the freedom and autonomy to work with the citizens using innovative and creative long-term solutions to resolve community problems. Police officers and citizens are empowered to explore new, proactive initiative, to help solve problems before they occur or escalate.

It is also an objective of C.O.P. to change the attitudes of individual officers who are in traditional patrol assignments. It is focused on creating officers who are problem solvers rather than short-term crisis interveners and crime report takers.

C.O.P. is a revitalization of an age-old concept where citizens and police officers know one another and work closely together to positively impact social problems in the community and improve the quality of life. For Paso Robles, C.O.P. is an opportunity to maximize our working relationship with the community that will, in turn, result in improved police service.

Crime Prevention Education

Paso Robles Police Department Officers are available to provide classroom education and demonstrations to schools, community groups, clubs and organizations. This is an excellent opportunity for staff to share their expertise. Requests should be made at least 30 days in advance. Contact the Watch Commander at 805-237-6464.

K-9 Teams

K-9 teams are deployed on various patrol shifts and are also available for callout as necessary. The K-9 Program continues to promote an atmosphere of community awareness and positive public relations through programs and K-9 demonstrations presented for groups, organizations, and school children. Learn more about our K-9s and their handlers here.

Neighborhood Watch

Be the extra "eyes and ears" for reporting crime and helping neighbors. Neighborhood Watch helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address community concerns.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is one of the most important activities you can become involved in with the Police Department. It has an important impact on residential type crimes. The program enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with the Police to reduce crime in their community. It is not possible, or practical, to have a police officer on every street corner, so citizen involvement is essential to combat this social crisis. By cooperating with each other and the Police, people can help fight crime in Paso Robles the most effective way - before it begins!

How to get involved:

  1. Contact your neighbors to create a list of willing participants.
  2. Select a “Host” to hold the meeting in their home.
  3. Contact the Paso Robles Police Department Community Services Specialist at 805-237-4086 to schedule a meeting date.
  4. Discuss questions and handouts with Community Services Specialist during the meeting.

Note: Neighborhood Watch does not require frequent meetings, you are not required to take any personal risks to prevent crime, and only the Police have the responsibility of apprehending a criminal.


Tours of the Public Safety Center, home of Police and Emergency Services, are by appointment only. If schedules permit, we will introduce you to our K-9 Officers, Motors and other "specialized" units. Wear comfortable shoes. Tour takes approximately 1 hour. To schedule your tour, please contact Mary Sponhaltz in the Police Department at 805-227-7520.

Traffic Division

The Paso Robles Police Department traffic program is supervised by a Sergeant and has assigned full-time Traffic Officers. The goal of the Traffic Program is to assist in the safe, smooth flow of traffic within our city.

The Traffic Officers utilize a Community Oriented Policing - Problem Solving approach to traffic issues within the community. Traffic issues are addressed with an Education-Engineering-Enforcement emphasis.


  • Investigation of Traffic Collisions
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • DUI enforcement
  • Calls for service
  • Parking issues
  • Special events
  • Citizen complaints of traffic concerns (Report a Problem)

Volunteer Patrol Program (CVPP)

CVPP members function first and foremost as the "eyes and ears" of the Paso Robles Police Department. Members patrol the city with CVPP’s own marked, radio equipped patrol cars looking for anything which may need police attention. If you’re interested in becoming a CVPP member, see more information here.

Youth Programs

We love to reach out and hear from the youth in our community. See our Youth Programs page for more information on how we can provide classroom education and demonstrations in your school, club, or organization.

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