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Police Department
900 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Phone Numbers


(805) 237-6464
Records Division:
(805) 227-7500
(805) 238-5592 Fax
Code Enforcement:
(805) 227-7540
Police Department


Does the PD have a Lost and Found?
If you have lost/found something, the first step is to complete a Citizen's Crime Report (available here online or at the Police Department: 900 Park Street, Paso Robles) for any reported lost or found property. If you've found an item, it should be brought in to the Police Department with a completed Citizen's Crime Report. Found property that can not immediately be identified will be secured in our property room and will be properly disposed of after the appropriate time period.

How can I get a permit for my alarm system?
Fill out our Alarm System Permit Application and return to our Records Department at 900 Park Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

When is the Paso Robles Police Department open?
For emergencies, call 9-1-1 or come in to the police department at any time. We’re always open. For more information regarding non-emergencies, visit our Contact page.

Should I call the police if I see something "suspicious" or "unusual" in my neighborhood?
Yes! Police need your help in recognizing when something’s wrong. Your input is vital and we need your help. Most criminals are caught when citizens see something "suspicious" and call police.

What can I do about traffic safety problems in my neighborhood?
If you are concerned about speeding, drivers running stop signs or parking problems, complete the online form for reporting a traffic problem.

I was told I need a police "case number." How do I get one?
Police case numbers are only issued when an official investigation and report is made. In order to get a case number, therefore, you need to file a report. You may come to the police station at any time of the day or night, or you can call police dispatch 805-237-6464 and have an officer come to where you are if you are in the City or reasonably close by. In some cases, for some kinds of reports, the officer can take the information over the telephone. After the report is taken, you should ask the officer for their name and the case number for your records.

How do I get a case number for something I’ve already reported?
The best thing to do is to write it down, as well as get the name of the officer, when you make your report. However, you can get a case number by calling the Records Division at 805-227-7500 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We need to know what kind of an incident occurred, and the date, time and location to look it up for you.

How do I get a copy of a report?
You need to complete an application, and, if a juvenile (under the age of 18) is involved, a different form is required. You or your insurance representative/attorney may also request a copy the report for a fee. Click here to download/view the Fee Schedule.

How can I find out when I’m supposed to be in Court?
We will look it up for you or refer you to the clerk of the San Luis Obispo Superior Court, Paso Robles Branch at 805-237-3080 for criminal cases and 805-237-3070 for traffic.

I lost my copy of a "fix-it" ticket/citation. How do I get a duplicate?
If you come in personally and properly identify yourself, we will make an attempt to locate the citation and provide you with a copy or refer you to court to obtain a copy of your citation.

How do I get a ticket signed off?
If you have received a "fix it" ticket you may have it signed off at our Department at 900 Park Street by Police Personnel. Please have with you your ticket, photo ID, and your repaired vehicle. There will be a $15.00 fee (cash or credit card only).

How can I contest/appeal a parking citation?
The Section 40215 of the California Vehicle Code sets forth uniform procedures for contesting parking citations. These procedures include several time periods that must be carefully adhered to. The Parking Citation Appeals Process, including all required forms, can be found here. You may also contact the Records Division at 227-7500 for more information.

How do I register a gun?
The Police Department does not register firearms. Private gun dealers will complete the necessary state forms for you for a fee.

My car got towed. How can I find out where it is?
You can call us anytime at 805-237-6464. We need to know the license plate number or VIN (vehicle identification number), when, and from where it was towed.

I need information on crime statistics. How do I get it?
Call the Records Division at 805-227-7500.

I need to be fingerprinted. Can you do it, and how much does it cost?
We provide Live Scan fingerprinting to the public, by appointment only with a completed application and a photo ID. Call the Records Division at 805-227-7500, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to schedule an appointment. We do not fingerprint for I.N.S. purposes. The fee varies depending on the level of service indicated on the application. Cash, credit card, and business checks only.

How can I find out if I have a warrant?
You can come into the police station in person, and properly identify yourself. Please be aware that if you do have a warrant that is not cite-release authorized, you may be taken into custody and held until you can post bail or you are released.

How can I find out if someone else has a warrant?
Find out where the crime occurred; then call the court you believe has jurisdiction of that town or city. Do not call the police department. We cannot give this information to you over the phone.

How can I clear a warrant?
That depends on the warrant. For most traffic warrants, the issuing magistrate will allow us to cite-release you, or simply give you a new appearance date, and that will clear the warrant from the system. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the magistrate may require bail, which you will have to post in the form of a bond, credit card or cash, to be released. Of course, if you are taken into custody, your warrant is automatically cleared. Note that warrants are issued by the Court, and not us, and may be re-issued by the Court without notice or warning for a variety of reasons; the most common being "failure to appear" or "failure to pay."

How can I find out if someone is in jail?
If you come to the front counter, or call us at 805-237-6464, we will tell you if a specific person is in our jail. Since we don’t hold people in our custodial facilities any longer than 6 hours, you should also call the San Luis Obispo County Main Detention Facility at 805-781-4600. They will tell you if a specific person is in their custody.

Can I check my own criminal record?
Yes you can. We have the Request for Record forms and information that explains the Department of Justice’s requirements for obtaining your criminal record. Fingerprints are required to be sent along with your application.

Can I check someone else’s criminal record?
No, it is not public information. You can, however, check public conviction records at the Court 805-237-3080.

How do I find out what the status of my case is?
The best person to call is the officer or detective assigned to your case. If you know the officer’s name, contact them at 805-237-6464, and leave a message referencing the case number and your specific question. Remember, with some shifts, it may be several days before they come back to work, research the case, and call you back. If you don’t have the case number or the officer’s name, call us at 805-237-6464 and we’ll get the information needed so you can leave a message with the officer.  All of the officers have voice mail.  You may call the number above and request to be transferred to an officer's voice mail.

I was arrested, but was never given an appearance date. How do I find out if I should go to court?
If you were not immediately charged with a crime, that doesn’t mean charges cannot be filed later, after an investigation. Depending on the case, after a complaint is filed, the Court will mail you a Notice to Appear, if they have your current address. If the Court cannot locate a current address for you, an arrest warrant will be issued in your name. If you are concerned you might be charged with a crime, perhaps the best option is to talk to the officer or detective directly that was investigating your case.

My son/daughter was arrested. Can I get a copy of the case?
If your son or daughter was over 18 at the time of the incident, they are adults, and you have no standing as a parent to receive any information. Even if they were juveniles at the time, as a parent, you do not have a right to automatically receive a copy of the case. If the case is progressing through the legal system, you may petition the Juvenile Court for a copy of the report. We will be glad to begin this process for you, once you fill out the Juvenile Request form. And, if it’s just a question you have about a case involving your minor child, you might want to talk directly to the officer.

I reported a crime, but the person who did it was never charged. Why?
The decision to charge, or not charge a person with a crime is something that the police department does not have control over. While we may accurately document the facts of a crime, including your statements and make a logical identification of someone as being responsible, it is ultimately the decision of the District Attorney to decide to file a criminal complaint, or not. These decisions are not whimsical, and are more a product of evaluation of evidence, probability of gaining a conviction, and the overall administration of justice. If your case was not filed, you should contact the officer or detective involved and discuss the matter with them. They may also be able to share with you the rationale, if provided, of the District Attorney’s declination of complaint.

Are there any victim services?
Yes. If you are a victim of a crime, you and your family have rights. Check this website for more information:

How can I get a restraining order?
A restraining order is a civil process, where the person seeking the order makes and application to a magistrate to temporarily restrain, or restrict another person from doing something that would otherwise be perfectly legal behavior. While the obtaining of a restraining order is a private process, there are numerous resources available to people, especially in cases of domestic violence, to make the process straightforward and workable. While in some cases the police may apply for an emergency protective order for someone, it is a temporary solution only, and the regular process needs to be set into motion as soon as possible.

How can I find out if my restraining order was served?
If you can satisfactorily identify yourself to us as a protected party, and bring in a copy of the order during normal business hours, we will examine the record to see if your order shows proof of service.

How can I tell if my restraining order is still valid?
The expiration of a restraining order is listed on its face. If you no longer have your copy, but can identify yourself to us as being the protected party, we will tell you if the order is still in force and effect.

How can I find out if someone has a restraining order against him or her?
The court that has jurisdiction of the restraining order may release information to you, however, we consider the information a privacy issue and therefore, confidential and not for public release.

How can I find out if I have a restraining order out against me?
You would have to have been personally served to make it valid, and presumably, you would know about it.

My (ex) husband/wife violated a restraining order, but wasn’t arrested. How come?
The decision to file charges against someone under 166.4 or other sections of the Penal Code regarding violation of court orders is a decision by the District Attorney, not the police department. Our function is to document and assemble evidence and forward it to the District Attorney for evaluation and further action. If you have a specific question about a case, we suggest you contact the involved officer directly.

I need a clearance letter. How do I get one?
We will need a picture I.D. and home address to run a check. The clearance is for a Paso Robles PD database search only, and is not checked by fingerprints. There is a charge of $28.00 per person.

How do I get my juvenile records sealed?
Start by calling Juvenile Probation, 805-781-5300. They can get you started.

Can my employer contact you and ask for my record with the Paso Robles Police Department?
It depends on who your employer is. Most government and state agencies conduct records checks on their prospective employees; however, if you work for the private sector, most likely a records check by your employer will be denied. Your record is considered confidential and not for public release.

I want a copy of my police report to prepare for my court appearance next month. Why can’t I get it?
We cannot release your report prior to review by the District Attorney. You will receive a copy of your report on your first court date (your arraignment).

Can I pay my parking ticket at the front counter?
Yes, you can pay for your Paso Robles Police Department issued parking citations at PRPD. Cash or credit card only.

What can I do about a neighboring house where I believe occupancy numbers are more than safe or legal?
Contact the Code Enforcement Coordinator at 805-227-7540.

Under the "Megan’s Law" can I see if registered sex offenders live in my neighborhood?
You may now access information via the California Megan's Law website at

What is the process for making a complaint against a Police Department employee?
Any person desiring to report misconduct or improper job performance by a police employee should call the Police Department and ask to speak with the Watch Commander or that employees supervisor. The supervisor will meet with you to initially discuss your complaint. Sometimes issues can be resolved at this point by the supervisor, who may be able to answer your questions and concerns. Should you request further investigation after speaking with the supervisor or the supervisor determines that further action is warranted, the supervisor will assist you with completing this Complaint Form in English or Spanish.


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