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Streets Maintenance



Closing streets, alleys or parking spaces (even partially) requires a Street Closure Permit.

Construction Related Closures: Visit the Encroachment Permits & Construction Related Street Closure Permits page of the Community Development Engineering Division for information. Construction related closures are handled by the City Engineer.

Event Closures: If you're planning an event, please review the information and forms below. Instructions are also provided on the reverse side of the Street Closure Request form. Event closures are handled by the Public Works Department.

Timing, Submittal and Review

Closure request forms must be completed and filed with Public Works at least 2 to 4 weeks before an event to allow time for review by City departments:

  • Permit requests for events in residential areas must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • Permit requests for events in business districts must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the event.

The following items must be submitted for all closures:

  • Street Closure Request Form*
  • A map showing the closed area
  • A completed Block Event Acknowledgment form (choose one of the forms below depending on your event)

Submit the Street Closure Request form, with attachments, to the address indicated on the reverse of the form. Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant for completion.

*Note:  the Street Closure Request form is set up to allow data entry using Adobe Acrobat. Once completed, print out a hard copy and submit with attachments to the City for approval. Or simply print a blank form and enter information by hand.

Block Acknowledgement Forms

At least 75% of households or businesses affected by the proposed closure must sign an acknowledgement that they were informed of the closure. The signed acknowledgements must be attached to the Request form. Please download and use the form below that is appropriate for your event:

Approved Permits

After requests are submitted to the City, they are reviewed by Public Works, Emergency Services, and the Police Department.

Public Works Administration notifies applicants when their permit has been approved or if further information is needed. A copy of the approved permit will be sent to the applicant to hold in their possession during the event. Inquiries about the status of your request may be directed to Public Works Administration, (805) 237-3861.

Additional Requirements for Event Street Closures

Some of the following activities may apply to your event and necessitate additional permits or fees. Check the information below and submit any additional forms or fees that apply. (This information and list of contacts is also on the reverse side of the Street Closure Request form.)

Fees, Deposits

There is no fee for a Street Closure Permit, but if you need to use City barricades a $50 refundable deposit is required. Include a $50 check with your request. Your deposit will be returned once the barricades have been returned undamaged to the City. You will be responsible for pick up and return of the barricades. Note:  final determination on the need for barricades will be made by Public Works.

Alcoholic Beverages

The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on City property requires permits. Alcohol Use Permits are coordinated through the Recreation Department Facilities Coordinator. If you have questions or wish to apply for this permit, call the Facilities Coordinator first. The Community Service Specialist at the Police Department is also available for inquiries.

Live Bands

There are additional requirements for live bands with a street closure. A Temporary Use Permit must be applied for through the Planning Division. There is no fee for this Use Permit.

Emergency Vehicle Clearance

All street closures must maintain adequate clearance for emergency vehicle access. For further clarification, please contact the Department of Emergency Services.

Facilities Use

Facilities Use Permits are coordinated through the Recreation Facilities Coordinator. This form is required if any of your event will be held on City property (i.e. a park or City building).


If you are requesting a closure to hold a parade, please show parade route from start to finish. If you will be using City barricades, a deposit is required (see Fees, Deposits above).


If your event affects or impacts public parking, you will be required to post notices 72 hours in advance of the event. Once you have an approved Street Closure Permit, you'll need to contact the Community Service Specialist at the Police Department for direction and coordination of signage. Posting of signs is done by the requesting party.

Contact Phone Numbers

Public Works Administration:  237-3861
Public Works Events Manager: 227-7539
Public Works Streets Division:  237-3864
Planning Division:  237-3970
Emergency Services:  227-7560
Recreation Department Facilities Coordinator:  237-3991

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