2022 Zoning Code Update


The City of Paso Robles has recently undertaken the task of updating the City’s Zoning Code (Title 21). The anticipated completion of the update is Spring 2023. The main objectives of the update to the Zoning Code includes:

• Eliminating conflicts and providing clear, user-friendly development regulations;

• Complying with recent legislation and case law;

• Streamlining housing entitlement and permitting processes, while providing for flexibility and innovation.

HCOC Involvement

The Housing Constraints and Opportunities Committee (HCOC) was established as part of the 2014 Housing Element. The Committee has been appointed by the City Council to review housing issues and its task is to make recommendations to the City Council on ways to increase housing production. The HCOC was selected to act as a steering committee for the Zoning Code update process and help maximize public input during these meetings. 

How You Can Help

Public participation in the Zoning Code update process is very important and the City is providing the public with many ways to get involved. Any individual can attend and ask questions during public meetings, including meetings with the HCOC, Planning Commission, and City Council. Additionally, the public is invited to contact staff directly with any question or comments they may have outside of any study sessions.