Paso Robles Space Innovation and Technology Park

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The Vision: The Paso Robles Space Innovation and Technology Park will serve as a gateway to connect Paso Robles, a community that has shaped the future of wine and agriculture for over a century, with California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, one of the leading aerospace universities in the world, and the Cuesta Community College North Campus, a leader in services education, through the creation of an enterprising mixed-use community connected to an FAA licensed Spaceport, capable of operating horizontal access to deliver small satellite systems to space on a commercial platform.

The Plan Area will be a place where the existing strengths of the City are combined with the opportunities for the future, capitalizing on the technology transfer and research potential the Plan Area’s location and base economy provides.

The Spaceport license along with the existing Airport license will make for an economic opportunity for Paso Robles and the surrounding communities.

Educational Benefits of the Paso Robles Space Innovation and Technology Park

With the US growing ever focused on advanced technologies, the need for skilled technicians is growing with it. The Paso Robles Space Innovation and Technology Park would provide more young people the opportunity to work directly with industry in apprenticeship programs on cutting-edge technology.

These benefits extend beyond technicians; with a powerful technological base at Paso Robles, students from the Central Coast would have unparalleled access to industry professionals helping to excite the next generation of innovators.

Benefits to broader technological development exist, as well. Increasing access to space lowers the bar for technological development in the space sector and will speed up innovation that spills over to all industries. Satellite technology powers modern industries; From agriculture to education, technological advancement helps everyone.

Universities are challenged to recruit and retain top research and teaching talent in STEM fields when nearby industry incubators and opportunities are lacking. The development of a thriving space sector would create a virtuous revolving door making it easier for Cal Poly and other educational institutions to recruit the educators they need to teach the next generation of industry, government and academic leaders.

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