Parking Permit Purchasing

Parking Permit Program

The Paso Robles Downtown Parking Permit Program provides downtown business owners and employees a low-cost option for parking in the downtown core. Permits are $5 per month, per vehicle.  Permit parking is available in 4 public parking lots in the downtown core.

Downtown business owners and employees have 4 options available to purchase a Downtown Employee Permit. Permits can be purchased in bulk or individually. Permits are available for purchase monthly or annually. Monthly permits are valid until the last day of the month. Annual permits are prorated and valid until December 31st each year.

  1. Monthly single vehicle
  2. Monthly multi-vehicle (bulk)
  3. Annual single vehicle
  4. Annual multi-vehicle (bulk)

Instructions for purchasing an individual employee monthly permit:

1. Visit the following website: and follow the online instructions to create an account or login to an existing account.

2. Once logged in, click the green +Request Permit button.

3. The parking zone should already be selected as Paso Robles. Click Next.

4. Under Type, select Employee.

5. Under package, select Employee Monthly. Be sure to select the correct start date if you are purchasing for the following month. 

6. Enter your license plate.

7. Click Save and Continue then click Confirm.

8. If you have setup a payment method, click on the select card button next to the card OR If you would prefer a one-time purchase, click on the select card button next to Direct Payment.

9. Press Pay Now.

10. Enter the required payment information and click Perform Payment.

To setup a new payment method or make changes to an existing payment method, from the home screen, click on the Welcome button at the top right of your screen and click on Payment Options.

If you need to make changes to your vehicle at any time, you can login to the permit portal and click on Permits, and View to make changes.