Fiscal Policy

The Council adopted Fiscal Policy (PDF) is established to ensure that the City's finances are managed in a manner that will:

  • Provide for the delivery of quality services and products cost effectively
  • Provide for an acceptable level of services and products as the community grows
  • Ensure that the City is functioning within its means
  • Provide reserves (also known as savings) for unbudgeted needs that might arise from time to time

Purchasing Policy

In order to assure that the fiscal resources of the City of Paso Robles are utilized in the most effective and efficient manner, all purchases adhere to established procedures and conform with Chapter 6.04 of the City of Paso Robles Municipal Code and to the City's adopted Fiscal Policy. View the Purchasing Policy (PDF).

Purchasing Procedures

In order to carry out the purchasing policy of the City, the purchase of supplies, services, equipment or public works projects shall adhere to the procedures as set forth in this manual.

The Purchasing and Payment Procedures Manual (PDF) has been drafted to provide consistency with the adopted Fiscal Policy and Chapter 6.04 of the City's Municipal Code. As per Chapter 6.04 of the City's Municipal Code, the City's purchasing authority is the City Manager or his designated representative.

The Purchasing Ordinance is Title 6 of the City's Municipal Code.

Investment Policy

The City has a fiduciary responsibility to maximize the assets entrusted to its care and to manage those public funds wisely and prudently. 

The purpose of the Investment Policy (PDF) is to provide broad guidelines and direction to the officer(s) of the City charged with the responsibility for the investment of the City's temporary idle funds under the prudent man rule (Civil Code Section 2261, et seq.).