Sewer Rates

Rate Structure

The City adopted new sewer rates that became effective July 1, 2013 (per Ordinance 975 N.S (PDF), adopted December 6, 2011).  

The new rate for single family homes is the lesser of the current month's water use and the monthly usage basis units multiplied by the usage charge. The monthly usage basis units are calculated in July as the average monthly metered water use from the previous December, January and February billing periods and are used for 1 year.

Usage Charges & Effective Dates

Effective DateUsage Charge per 100 Cubic Feet (All Customer Classes)
July 1, 2012$4.50
July 1, 2013$5.40
July 1, 2014$6.30
July 1, 2015$7.25
July 1, 2016$7.80

Calculating Your Bill

The current sewer rate is $7.80 per unit. 

To calculate your own bill, simply:

  1. Compare the monthly usage basis units to the current month's water usage.
  2. Multiply the lesser amount times $7.80.

View examples of sewer bill calculations (PDF).

Requesting an Adjustment

Should you feel an adjustment of your monthly usage basis units is needed, please complete the Request for Adjustment to Residential Sewer Bills (PDF)

More Information

For more information regarding the wastewater rate method, please download the Public Hearing Notice regarding Wastewater Rates (PDF).

Commercial accounts and customers outside the city limits have different rates, and our staff will be happy to discuss those rates with you. Please call 805-237-3996.

For utility billing questions, email Administrative Services.