Stockpile Grading Permit

No temporary stockpile of earth will be allowed except pursuant to a grading permit issued after the City Engineer has found that such storage fill would not constitute a hazard to life or property, or become a public nuisance or health menace.

Temporary Stockpiles

Temporary stockpiles approved by the issuance of a grading permit shall be removed from the site within a period of time not to exceed six months from the date of issuance of the permit, unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer
or unless the fill is graded and compacted under the authority granted by a subsequent or amended grading permit. 

Other Requirements & Restrictions

A bond may be required to insure the removal or elimination of such fill upon the expiration of time set forth in the permit.

Such stockpiles shall be placed so as to not interfere with any drainage ways or access routes.

The stockpile location shall not create a nuisance from blowing dust, and shall be contour-graded if in a highly visible area.