Housing Programs


The Housing Programs Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for:

  • Managing housing and "community development" projects and programs that are funded with federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) grants
  • Providing information to the public about the availability of housing and community development services provided by other public agencies and private organizations
  • Providing liaison between the city and the Housing Authority of the City of Paso Robles
  • Assisting private developers of affordable housing
  • Managing the updating and implementation of the Housing Element of the city's General Plan
  • Maintaining the city's demographics records and inventory of land uses


Using certain federal, state, and local redevelopment funds, the City can support certain projects and programs to achieve the following objectives:

  • Help meet the needs of low-income citizens for certain public services and facilities
  • Increase the supply of housing that is affordable to low and moderate income citizens
  • Reduce and eliminate conditions that contribute to blight in the community

Projects & Programs

Examples of such projects and programs include:

  • Construction of public facilities such as the Skate Park (which was largely funded with federal funds)
  • Construction of street improvements such as
    • Curbs
    • Gutters
    • In-roadway signalized crosswalks
    • Paving alleys
    • Sidewalks
  • Economic development projects such as rehabilitation of downtown commercial buildings
  • Financial support (grants and loans) to developers of housing for low income persons
  • Financial support for public services such as:
    • Community Action Partnership's Senior Health Screening Program
    • Literacy Council's Literacy Program
    • Transitional Food and Shelter's Motel Voucher Program
  • Rehabilitating public facilities such as the Municipal Pool Changing Room and Paso Robles Children's Museum (formerly Fire Station Number 1)

Sources of Funding

The source of the city's funding for these projects and programs includes federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) grants.

The City receives CDBG funds annually. The County of San Luis Obispo receives HOME funds, and the city may apply for them on an annual basis.

Funding Restrictions

By federal and state law, recipients of housing assistance from CDBG, HOME, and CalHome funds must be "low income". Find more information about income levels.

CDBG funds may be used to provide public services and facilities for which the majority of clients are "low income" persons.