Appeals Process

Planning Related Appeal Process decisions or determinations by the City's staff, Development Review Committee (DRC) or Planning Commission can be appealed by any interested person (applicant, neighbor, public official, or other interested party). The appeal process is described by Chapter 21.23.A of the Municipal Code.

Appealing Staff Determinations & Interpretations

An appeal of a staff determination or interpretation will be heard by the Planning Commission. There is no charge to the appealing party.

Appealing DRC Decisions

The DRC is a subcommittee of the Planning Commission. Their role is to review design details as outlined in Chapter 21.23.B of the Municipal Code.

Any decision, determination or recommendation of the DRC may be appealed to the full Planning Commission. There is no charge to the appealing party. In the absence of an appeal to the City Council, the Planning Commission is the final authority on:

  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Design details
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Parcel and subdivision maps
  • Planned developments
  • Zoning Code interpretations

Appealing Planning Commission Decisions

Decisions and determinations by the Planning Commission are appealable to the City Council. Appeals to the City Council require a $200 deposit as adopted by City Council Resolution Number 03-66 (PDF) toward covering the City's processing costs, including required a public notices.