Paso Rocks Project

Little girl painting rocks

Paso Rocks! Project Spreads Community Connection & Joy

This Paso Robles Recreation Services campaign aims to spread joy and foster connection among residents and visitors while celebrating our community. Paso Rocks! was introduced in September of 2017 during the Fall Family Fun Fest at Centennial Park. Attendees decorated rocks using provided supplies and the results ranged from inspirational to colorful, clever and cute. The idea behind the Paso Rocks! project is simple and everyone can participate.


  1. Find a flat rock no larger than the palm of your hand.
  2. Decorate the rock with an inspirational message or design using paint or other eco-friendly embellishments.
  3. Place the rock in any Paso Robles park or recreation area for others to discover and enjoy! Please place rocks in hardscaped areas only (not in the grass).
Paso Rocks

Pay It Forward

If you find a decorated rock that you love, you are welcome to take it with you. In turn, please decorate a rock of your own and place it in a park or public area to pay it forward and help keep the Paso Rocks! project growing.

Share the Joy

Share the joy by taking a photo of your personal Paso Rocks! creation or any decorated rocks that you discover and post them on social media. Tag the location of the park and use #PasoRocks and @PRCityRecreation to help others rock right along with you.