Expand / Locate a New Business in Paso Robles

In 2005, the community of Paso Robles came together to develop a blueprint for a thriving business community through its development of an Economic Strategy. The combined effort of the City, Chamber of Commerce and local businesses and non-profit organizations identified the strengths of this community and made recommendations on how to use our strengths to the advantage of our local businesses and community, and even improve on them. 

Over the last 20+ years, great progress has been made on the recommendations in the Economic Strategy, which allowed Paso Robles to survive (and even thrive in) a global recession and to bounce back quickly from the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Paso Robles is a "business-friendly" community and is currently seeking businesses that support agriculture, technology, education, medical research and/or light industrial operations. Local residents would also welcome businesses that provide diversified grocery options and year-round youth entertainment. 

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  1. Attitude

The City is known for its "business friendly" attitude. Commercial and industrial development projects are processed at competitive speed.

  1. Available Land
  1. Economy
  1. Educational Opportunities
  1. Housing
  1. Infrastructure
  1. Parks, Recreation and Library
  1. Quality of Life
  1. Transportation / Communications
  1. Utilities
  1. Wine Industry