Airport Influence Area

On January 1, 2004, Section 11010 of the California Business and Professions Code took effect. This law came about as a result of AB 2776, which was passed in 2002 and applies to subdivided lands, common interest developments, and residential properties, within California, which are offered for sale or lease.

Airport Operation Annoyances

The law requires that any property located within an Airport Influence Area, as defined by local jurisdiction, be required to file an appropriate notice in order to properly alert prospective buyers of the existence of possible annoyances over the property caused by airport operations in the immediate area.

Airport Influence Area

The affected area is known as the Airport Influence Area (AIA) (PDF). Typically, the AIA shares the same dimension as the Airport Planning Area (PDF), which is developed using the elements of flight track, traffic pattern and noise impacts to define its extent. The San Luis Obispo County Airport Land Use Commission, through its adoption of an Airport Land Use Plan for the Paso Robles Airport, establishes an Airport Planning Area based on these parameters to identify the area affected by airport operations.

Notification of Airport Influence

The City of Paso Robles, as owner of the Paso Robles Municipal Airport, has taken additional action to provide notification of airport influence within a greater area inside City proper. The City Council approved Resolution 05 to 004 (PDF) which adopted General Plan Amendment 04 to 01, Part 2, and an appropriate map depicted the affected area. Similar disclosure is required for these areas.

The law requires the prescribed notice (PDF) to be filed with the Department of Real Estate at the time of development, lease or sale.

More Information

There are Airport Influence Area Frequently Asked Questions which may help explain this process.

Additional information is available from the City Planning Department at 805-237-3970 or the Airport's Administration Office at 805-237-3877 upon request.