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Help Make Creston Road Safe & Convenient for Everyone

Preliminary Design Review - September 2017

In May of 2017, the City hosted a multi-day Community Workshop/Meeting to solicit ideas for change and help establish a vision for the future of Creston Road. Since then, the City's consultant team has been studying constraints and opportunities, and translating your input into proposed designs to improve the corridor for all users.

Opportunities for Comments & Votes

On September 27, 2017, City staff presented the design alternative to the City Council and community at the City Council meeting. Over 30 people attended the meeting. After the presentation, those in attendance were given an opportunity to provide written comments and vote on the features proposed in the alternative design. This report card has been tabulated and summarized:

Community Workshops - May 2017

The City of Paso Robles completed its multi-day Community Workshop for the proposed improvements along Creston Road. The opening night of May 8th, approximately 20 people participated in the walking assessment of Creston Road. Then at 6 p.m., an additional 20 residents attended the formal presentation where the City's design team related the existing condition of Creston Road.

People Running Along Creston Road

Group Ideas

The attendees then formed small groups and maps of the corridor were given to them for the opportunity to mark up the plans to identify issues and improvements for the road. Each group then shared their ideas to everyone in attendance.

Technical Consult Team

Our technical consultant team is led by W-Trans and the Local Government Commission, is busy collecting and reviewing traffic and safety data, existing plans and current planning efforts, and documenting conditions throughout the corridor.

Monday, May 8th

Wednesday, May 10

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