Welcome to the Maintenance Services Division of Public Works.  We strive to provide excellent service to our customers whether they are members of the community, visitors or co-workers. Our influence extends over several distinct categories of our City.

Streets Maintenance

Our Streets Maintenance Division keeps busy repairing and maintaining public roadways, sidewalks, street markings and street signs. Safe travel, whether vehicular or pedestrian, is the goal of this division. 

Fleet Maintenance

Our Fleet Maintenance Division works hard to keep the City's rolling stock (including everything from lawn mowers, police cars and the vehicles the inspectors and public works staff drive to the fire engines, transit buses and heavy equipment like backhoes), in excellent working order with a minimum of down time. This internal support function is a critical element required for the smooth functioning of the City departments and the ability of those departments to deliver their service.

Full Service Garage

Fleet Maintenance is a full-service garage performing preventative maintenance and repair services on equipment. Everything from making a simple headlight change to completely pulling an engine for repair is done in the fleet maintenance shop.

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified

Mechanics are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified and may possess specialized skills or certifications including truck certifications in brakes, drive train, electrical systems, suspension and steering, and gasoline engines as well as State Fire Marshall Certifications for aerial, transmissions, pumps and apparatus and electrical systems.

Landscape & Facilities Maintenance

Parks & Trails Maintenance

The Parks and Trails Maintenance Divisions are part of the Community Services Department.