Fixing the Roads with N12 FundsSTOC revenue graph

In 2012, voters approved a ½ Cent Supplemental Sales Tax (Measure N12) primarily to augment funding for repair and maintenance of city streets.  

Upcoming Street Maintenance Work 2021Road-Work-Ahead_square

On February 4, 2020, the City Council adopted an updated 6-Year Street Maintenance and Repair Plan

This year, two major street repair projects will begin as scheduled in the plan. 

One project will repair streets Rambouillet neighborhood and Nicklaus Street, and the second project will repair six street sections on the west side of the city.

For maps and street names included in these projects:

Both projects will repair the surface of the streets using hot mix asphalt overlay. Drainage improvements will be included to help preserve the life of the pavement repairs and ADA upgrades to curb ramps will be completed as required by law. Designs for both projects are currently in progress with construction tentatively scheduled for this summer. Stay tuned for more updates!

About the Street Maintenance DivisionCrew Working on Potholes

In addition to maintaining over 150 miles of roads within the city, the Street Maintenance Division's work also includes: