Dead Animals


The City will remove dead deer on City streets/public property within the City limits. If you live in the City and there is a deer on the roadway or sidewalk, you can fill out an online Action Request Form or contact the Street Maintenance Division at 805-237-3861.

Domestic Animals 

The pick-up of deceased dogs and cats is performed by the County of San Luis Obispo Animal Services Department through an approved contract. Call County Animal Services at 805-781-4400.

Note: The City does not retrieve deceased animals from private property or city open spaces unless the deceased animal poses a threat or risk to public health. If you have a deceased animal on your property, there is useful information at the Wildlife Education & Directory of Wildlife Experts website or contact a commercial pest control business. Search online for "dead animal removal, SLO County."

Live Animal Pickup

For live animal pickup, contact SLO County Animal Services at 805-781-4400.