Disaster Preparation

First Steps for Preparedness

Are you prepared? Use the information worksheets to organize emergency contact and service provider information, household names, and reunion locations.

  • Choose an out-of-town contact that household will reach to check on each other. This person should have everyone's numbers and live far enough away that they would be unlikely to be affected by the same event.
  • During disaster, phone may not work. Be patient and retry. Try email.
  • Fill out a Disaster Prepguide and Communication Plan Worksheet (PDF),and keep it visible.
  • Identify 2 neighbors and agree to watch out for each other.
  • Make sure household members have this contact number plus numbers for each other (include home, work, pager, cell, email).

Families, Children & Special Needs

  • All family members should discuss what actions will be taken following an earthquake or other disaster, regardless of where they may be when the disaster occurs.
  • If you have family members with disabilities or special needs, complete a Special Needs and Disabilities Information Worksheet (PDF).
  • Prepare your children and their schools or care facilities with Child Safety Tips.

Read more about preparing your family for a disaster.


Information about preparing a business for a disaster is available from Ready.Gov, including a sample Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Plan (PDF).

Ready.Gov Business website