Title 19 Compliance

Fire Sprinkler System Testing Requirements

California Code of Regulations Title 19, Chapter 5, Automatic Fire Extinguisher System Testing was modified on October 13, 2014. Not all fire protection contractors are compliant. These changes can be reviewed and new forms can be found at the California Office of the State Fire Marshal website. Only the most current forms will be accepted by this office.

The Department of Emergency Services requires a permit prior to conducting any five-year test; the application and fee schedule is in the link below. ES currently requires that a representative from the Department be present for the test. The application can be made by fax to 805-237-4138, or email the Fire Marshal. Permit fees may be paid by cash or check. 

After the Test

At the conclusion of the service test, the contractor will be responsible for completing the appropriate service test reports. Please note that this report must be returned to ES within 10 days of completion of the initial service. Return the service test via U.S. Mail to:
Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services
900 Park Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

It can also be faxed to 805-237-4138.

More Information

Please do not hesitate to contact the Emergency Services Department at 805-227-7560, or email the Fire Marshal with questions about this process.