Lift Stations

There are 14 Lift Stations within the City limits of Paso Robles. A Lift Station pumps or lifts the waste stream from low lying areas to higher lying areas, so gravity can carry the flow to the treatment plant. Some areas must be pumped because the gravity areas are not possible.

Recording Flow Calculations

The Lift Station Operator checks each station daily and records run time on pumps for flow calculations. The operator also performs maintenance procedures and general house keeping at each station. They also check backup generators for readiness in case of power outages. For stations without built-in generators staff has portable generators which can be set up to operate the pump station.

Tracking & Alarm System

All of the stations are on a SCADA tracking and alarm system. Computers monitor wet well levels and pump operation. If a pump fails an alarm is sent for the operator to respond and fix the problem. The system also keeps historical data to be used for reporting purposes.

Photo Gallery

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