Stay Active

*Denotes classes offered by Paso Robles City Recreation Services instructors 


Children & Families

*Mindful Kindful YOUniversity  
A new online series of live (and recorded) mindfulness and movement mini-sessions for school-aged children and families.  Classes focus on nervous system regulation, resiliency and well-being during at home time.  To learn more about Mindful Kindful classes click on the link or contact Dee DiGioia at (805) 270-5523.  These classes are being offered free of charge however, donations are welcome. 

*Breathe Like a Baby
Tai Chi instructor Faye Baker of Counter Changes suggests the attached Breathe Like a Baby exercise to help release stress. 

One Cool Earth Video Classes
The video series will be produced weekly, along with weekly recipes that can be prepared as a family, until our schools reopen. The videos will be available at and on the nonprofit’s Facebook page at and

Teens & Adults

Memory games

National Emergency Library
Announcing the National Emergency Library, a collection of books that supports emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training centers, and libraries are closed.


Children & Families

*YaYa Yoga   
Vanessa Orr of YaYa Yoga will be offering a new online series of live sessions through Zoom or Facebook Live and recorded classes on YouTube.To learn more about these classes, sign up to receive the YaYa Yoga newsletter or visit the YaYa Yoga Facebook page. These classes are being offered free of charge, however donations are welcome. 

Sign up to receive free activities weekly from Kindermusik including a themed activity kit, easy to make craft, how to video with instructions, musical pairings with each activity, parenting tips, access to Kindermusik songs and more!

I Can Teach My Child 
This link takes you to a specific article full of ideas for 31 days of indoor fun, but go further and
explore the site to find tons of helpful content!  

Family Four-week Challenge 
Try this fun family contest. The person who improves their scores the most over the set time, wins the challenge. 

  • Longest timed plank 
  • Longest side plank – both sides 
  • Number of pushups in 1 minute 
  • Number of situps in 1 minute 
  • Number of burpees in 2 minutes 
  • Longest superman (laying flat, arms and legs outstretched & off ground) 
  • Number star jumps in 2 minutes 
  • 2 mins of mountain climbers 
  • Longest wall-sit (back against wall, knees over toes, keep thighs parallel to ground) 
  • Number of chair dips in 1 minute 
  • Timed run or speed walk around your residential block

Games for Kids – beat cabin fever
87 games for kids to burn that energy.

Staying Active Indoors with Sports 

101 Things To Do With Your Kids When It’s Cold Outside 

This link to 40 super easy toddler activities using materials you have around the house will keep those developing brains busy! 

Teens & Adults

* Zumba
Paso’s popular Zumba team Jennifer Loewen Nicolds, Tiffaney Henry and Javi Perez present Zumba for teens and adults via YouTube

* Zumba for Seniors
With Paso’s own Zumba Gold instructor Cristina Averseng on YouTube

Do Yoga with Me during these free classes. 

24 Hour Fitness is offering their 24GO customizable workout app for free (non-members included).    

Planet Fitness live-streaming 20-minute "work-ins" every day on its Facebook and YouTube channels. The workouts can be done from home and don’t require any equipment.  

Fitness Blender
Free customizable workouts for all ages. 

National Institute on Aging Exercise Videos 
For older adults.

 60 minute workout video for older adults from Go4Life.