Who is Recreation Services?

The Recreation Division administers a unique array of classes, camps and leagues designed to enhance the social, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of individuals. Our Recreation Staff directly provides a variety of our services, including running drop-in basketball sessions, processing class registrations, administering facility reservations, and creating community events designed to draw individuals together to enjoy recreational or educational experiences that are meaningful, significant, and relevant to their well-being. Our seasonal aquatics staff provides swim lessons, public swim, and a selection of programs and events appealing to all ages and ability levels at our 2 swimming pools. We work with independent contract instructors to provide an average of 450 programs a month at Centennial Park and the Municipal Pool. Recreation Services facilitates use of Centennial Park and 7 major parks, featuring sports fields, playgrounds, tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, and picnic areas. We also oversee contracts to provide administrative services at the Senior Center, youth programs at Centennial Park, and concession services at Barney Schwartz Park.

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1. Who is Recreation Services?
2. How do I register for a class?
3. How do I reserve a meeting room, sports field/court or barbecue pavilion?
4. Where are you located?
5. What are your hours of operation?
6. Do I need a membership to participate in your camps, classes, lessons or leagues?
7. Do you offer scholarships for recreation activities?
8. Do you offer aquatics programs?
9. Where can I swim laps?
10. Are there open swim sessions at Centennial or Municipal Pool?
11. When/how can I sign up for swimming lessons?
12. Do you offer free drop-in basketball?
13. Are you part of the YMCA?
14. Do I need to reserve a tennis court or pickleball court to play?
15. What is the best way to contact Recreation Services?
16. How can I find out about what classes you are offering?
17. Are classes open to everyone or just Paso Robles residents?
18. Who do I contact if I’m interested in teaching a class?
19. Does the city have walking or hiking trails? If so, where are they?