What is the paid parking rate?

All patrons receive the first two hours of parking free after a parking session is started using one of the payment options. The rate is $2 per hour after the free two hours.

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1. Where and when is paid parking required?
2. What is the paid parking rate?
3. How can I pay for parking?
4. Do I need to pay for parking if I have a valid disabled placard or disabled license plate?
5. Do I need to pay for parking if I am parked in a space marked with a green curb?
6. Do I need to put anything on my dashboard or windshield to indicate that I paid to park?
7. I work Downtown. What are my options for parking?
8. Are there any areas downtown where I can park for free?
9. How is paid parking and permit parking enforced?
10. Are there any opportunities to validate my parking?
11. How do I contact parking staff?
12. How do I appeal a parking citation?
13. How do I purchase a senior parking permit?