How can I pay for parking?

There are 3 options to pay for parking:

1. You can visit any one of the 34 convenient pay stations around Downtown. Be sure to remember your license plate number when paying for parking. Most pay stations accept debit and credit cards only. Three pay stations also accept cash payments. The cash enabled pay stations are located at:

  • 11th Street and Park Street near the horseshoe area
  • 12th Street and Pine Street on the southwest corner
  • 13th Street and Park Street on the southeast corner.

2. The Flowbird Mobile Application is available for your parking convenience. You can easily complete a payment using a smartphone if you download the Flowbird mobile application (available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store) and create an account. If you use the Flowbird application, you can add more time to your parking session remotely.

3. You can text "ParkPASO" to 727563 to receive a link to pay for parking on your cell phone. This option allows you to pay for parking without downloading an app. You will receive a reminder text message to add more time to your parking session when it expires. 

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