What does PD mean?

PD means Planned Development. The Zoning Ordinance requires a Planned Development application be processed when a particular property is in a PD overlay zone*, when a project proposes more than 10,000 square feet of building area, when a project proposes five or more units on a multi-family zoned lot or when circumstances warrant a Planning Commission hearing. A general description of the type of planning application needed for various projects can be found in Section 21.23B.030 of the Zoning Ordinance which can be viewed in the online Municipal Code library. Applications and related checklists can be obtained from the Planning Division, or at City Hall located at 1000 Spring Street, 2nd Floor. Additional questions about the development review process should be directed to the Planning Division at 805-237-3970.

The PD overlay zone is defined in Chapter 21.16A of the City’s Municipal Code. That chapter says, "The purpose and intent of the planned development (PD) district overlay is to provide for innovation and flexibility in the design of residential, commercial, and industrial developments. Approval of a planned development can allow modification of certain development standards…when it can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Planning Commission and the City Council that it would result in better design or greater public benefit."

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