What housing programs does the city provide?

This is the most frequently asked question of the Housing Division. Usually the person asking it is seeking affordable rental housing. The city maintains a list of those apartment complexes in the city that are reserved for low-income persons. View more information on affordable rentals.

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1. What housing programs does the city provide?
2. Where can I find a list of low-income apartments?
3. What is Section 8 Rental Assistance?
4. Where can I sign up for Section 8 Rental Assistance?
5. Does the city have any homebuyer assistance programs?
6. What does "first-time homebuyer" mean?
7. My landlord just raised my rent; does the city have rent control?
8. I believe that I am being discriminated against in trying to find a place to live. What are my options?
9. My landlord will not make necessary repairs, what can I do?
10. What help is there for the homeless?